Security Risk In Torrent

Sharing files through the Peer to Peer path by uploading to Torrent will open the gateway for the data storage computer. This is, of course, dangerous because the data storage computer could have been compromised and there was data theft that you didn’t expect. Even though the data that is at risk of being stolen is data that is in the same folder as your Torrent upload file, it would be better if you take precautionary measures by securing your data first, especially data that is confidential and important.

In addition to data security hazards, Torrent can also be a path for hackers to access your computer easily. This can happen because when you access, upload and download Torrent files, your computer’s IP address will be exposed to all computers that are communicating peer to peer with you. Of course, most hackers will take advantage of opportunities, such as to access your computer to steal data, just damage your computer system, or even find out your whereabouts. To prevent this kind of thing, you should routinely do the scanning and make sure your remote desktop application is not active, because hackers can use this application to control your computer.

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